Workplace Consultants, Inc.

About us

Workplace Consultants, Inc. specializes in organizational assessment and research, with internationally recognized expertise in organizational and employee health, work stress, and corporate culture. Workplace Consultants, Inc. developed the innovative and highly effective STORM Index assessment, which has been deemed by both business executives and academic scientists as leading the way in 21st century assessment techniques.

Our highly skilled and educated team of consultants provide high quality assessments and analyses to help companies make effective strategic decisions that promote productivity, performance, profit, and health.


Our mission is to be the catalyst of your success—we assess, identify and resolve organizational and workplace issues that impede your success. We help you develop effective strategies that strengthen the abilities and contributions of your employees, as well as your work structure and systems.


Your workers’ attitudes and perceptions are the best predictor of your organization's success. Employee attitudes and perceptions relate to profit, quality, productivity, retention, innovation, creativity, absenteeism, health care costs, safety, mergers, and cultural issues in the workplace.

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